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There are 3 types of editing:

* Substantive

* Copyediting




This is sometimes called Structural Editing and is a vitally important step in ensuring your manuscript is flowing, relevant to your audience, with the correct language and content. After all you would not want your audience reading a novel based in the 1920’s with a character suddenly pulling out their mobile phone to call someone.

Once your manuscript has been edited, and possibly rewritten in some areas it is time for  Copy editing.


In this step your editor will ensure that your manuscript is:

  • Consistent in formatting and layout
  • Consistent in areas such as punctuation and spelling, while also checking for grammar and sentence flow
  • Checked to ensure all referencing is correct

There is no rewriting done by the editor at this stage.  However, queries may be asked regarding aspects of the manuscript to ensure that your work is exactly as you want it.

After this the final step is      PROOFREADING

Get It Right will check for: :

  • Typing mistakes, spelling
  • Consistency of formatting
  • All errors picked up in Copyediting stage have been  implemented (if applicable)


  • The final set of eyes before going to print.

This gives you a great document!!!

It is also possible that an editor may combine some aspects of the three levels of editing, depending on your manuscript.

Copyediting and Proofreading are also vitally important for your training manuals, webpages, assignments – in fact – any item of writing.

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