Questions And Answers

What documents are you able to Copyedit and Proofread?

Any document that needs a masterful eye before going to print.

This includes but is not restricted to manuscripts,  manuals, magazine articles and web pages.


What reference books do you use for Editing?

For Australian publications I use the Style Manual For authors, editors and printers by Snooks & Co (6th edition).  I also use the Macquarie Dictionary.

For other publications, especially from America, The Chicago Manual of Style is used and the relevant dictionary.

For Christian work I have the Christian Writer’s Manual of Style by Robert Hudson.

I always ask my client which dictionary they prefer as spellings are different depending on British English, Australian English or American English.

How do I send my document to Get It Right Proofreading?

I prefer you email your document(s) to me as a word document.  However, I have also worked on powerpoint as well.

How can you help me? I have had several people read my document already?

Everyone is busy so small mistakes are always missed. Such things as inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, and missed or wrong punctuation are just a few. Being a fresh set of eyes helps me  to see those tiny little things that have been missed. Get It Right will take the time to find these errors and help you improve your document. Picking up these mistakes will save you time and money (especially in printing costs!) .

And your charges are …?

Please contact me for an obligation free quote.

Okay, I am interested. How do I get a quote?

Simply send an email  to

Outline your requirements, time frame and other relevant information and attach a sample of 5 pages. This will help me to provide you with a quote for your work.

Quotes are obligation-free and are valid for 30 days.

What happens after  accepting your quote?

When the quote has been accepted, Get It Right Proofreading  will send you an invoice,

For work costing less than $300, payment is 100% upfront. For jobs over $300 a deposit of 50% is required before commencing work, and the balance in full 7 days after completion. Preferred method of payment is via Paypal  for overseas clients and bank transfer for Australian clients, however I am happy to discuss other options with you.