About Me


Debbie is the face behind Get It Right Proofreading Services. Needing a change in direction and career she decided to set up a business based on her enjoyment of reading (and yes she has read all those books in the picture!!) and the written word.  Editing and proofreading ticked all the boxes and Get It Right was born.

Debbie continually works on her skills to ensure the best result for her clients.  Among her clients are a successful author in New Zealand,  an author in England who loves to write witty British humour, a published author in Amsterdam as well as indie authors in both Australia and New Zealand.  Debbie has also worked on magazine articles for a client in Holland, a webpage for an overseas hospital and university assignments in both Australia and England. At one time she was also the proofreader of the CICADA magazine (a group for people with cochlear implants) before it was distributed Queensland wide.

While Debbie has several university degrees in Financial Planning and Accounting, as well as Business Management and would love to help edit papers in these areas, she loves editing fiction. She has worked in history, murder/mystery and sci-fi and would especially love to branch out into Christian literature as well as non-fiction.