I accept manuscripts in most genres, especially those in the areas of murder/mystery, history, young adult and Christian novels.


This is where I look at your manuscript with a fresh set of eyes and help to ensure the words you use are portraying the message you intend.

As I work through your manuscript I check such elements as;

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence flow
  • Needless repetition of words / phrases
  • Consistency of spelling (BrEnglish vs USEnglish)
  • Character details (e.g. are Ron in Chapter 1 and Reg in Chapter 3 the same person)
  • Times and dates
  • Accuracy of dated items e.g. no mobile phone in 1940s.

Consistency is important. If you start using $1 million for the first four chapters, it is not correct to then use $1 m for the rest of the manuscript. You need to choose one and use it consistently.

Copyediting is a time consuming, but very necessary part of ensuring your work is the best it can be.


This is not an extension of Copyediting, it is a totally different set of skills.

After all editing suggestions have been accepted by the author the manuscript is then checked once more.

Areas I will look at include, but are not restricted to;

  • Spelling (things like homonyms – their, they’re)
  • Reversed letters (recieved not received)
  • Punctuation (missing quotation marks, double spacing, incorrect punctuation)
  • Fonts – making sure they are consistent throughout
  • Table of Contents – are page numbers and titles consistent with manuscript
  • Page numbering