In these days of technology, your website is a vitally important part of your business and will give you exposure worldwide. Your website pages need to be professional in presentation yet still have a uniqueness about them that showcases your business. To ensure you have relevant wording, good sentence and structure I will copy the wording off each of your webpages, transfer it into a Word document and mark up using Track Changes and Comments. That way you are able to accept or decline suggestions and the content is still yours. This also means that your security systems are still in place as I am not actually going “behind the scenes” to adjust wording.


I will check:
• Grammar
• Spelling
• Punctuation
• Relevance of wording
• Repetition of wording and consistency


In this stage, I will check for things such as:
• Consistency of presentation
• Spelling
• Spacing
• Punctuation

I will also look at electronic links on your page to ensure they work as well as placing of diagrams and wording.