I am able to edit manuals for any size business. As these documents are professional they need to have clear instructions and be easy to understand. Your manual is a reflection of your business so it needs careful editing and to be consistent in layout and presentation.


The aim of this is to ensure you have a document which reflects your business I will look at areas including sentence structure and flow, grammar, punctuation, consistency, and use of appropriatewording for the audience.

If you have a style sheet I will follow those instructions. If you do not have a style sheet I will create one for your business and send it to you explaining why suggestions have been made.


Again, this is the final set of eyes before printing and is a vital step which could save you money. When proofreading your document I will look at areas such as:
• Spelling (things like homonyms – they’re, their)
• Reversed letters (recieve not receive)
• Punctuation to make sure all marks are correct and there are no missing characters
• Font – is it consistent throughout
• Table of Contents – are page numbers consistent with finished product
• Illustrations – are they labelled correctly and in the right place in the document
• Page numbering.