I accept manuscripts in most genres, especially those in the areas of murder/mystery, history, young adult and Christian novels.


This is where I look at your manuscript with a fresh set of eyes and help to ensure the words you use are portraying the message you intend.

As I work through your manuscript I check such elements as:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence flow
  • Needless repetition of words / phrases
  • Consistency of spelling (BrEnglish vs USEnglish)
  • Character details (e.g. are Ron in Chapter 1 and Reg in Chapter 3 the same person?)
  • Times and dates
  • Accuracy of dated items e.g. no mobile phone in 1940s.

Consistency is important. If you start using $1 million for the first four chapters, it is not correct to then use $1 m for the rest of the manuscript. You need to choose one and use it consistently.

Copyediting is a time consuming, but very necessary part of ensuring your work is the best it can be.


This is not an extension of Copyediting, it is a totally different set of skills.

After all editing suggestions have been accepted by the author the manuscript is then checked at least once more, sometimes several times before it goes into print.

Areas I will look at include, but are not restricted to:

  • Spelling (things like homonyms – their, they’re)
  • Reversed letters (recieved not received)
  • Punctuation (missing quotation marks, double spacing, incorrect punctuation)
  • Fonts – making sure they are consistent throughout
  • Table of Contents – are page numbers and titles consistent with manuscript
  • Page numbering