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Proofreading is an interesting industry and one that surprisingly few know a lot about. There are a myriad of potential errors in almost every document before it goes through the proofreaders spyglass. Read some of the stories here

“Well of course I use a spell-checker, thats why I never make a mistake!!”

Heard that sort of comment before?  Sorry but spell-checkers are not infallible.

If you have spelt a word correctly, such as form, but you wanted to use from – well sorry, but that won’t be picked up by the spell checker!  There instead of their – again – won’t be picked up.

Am I against spell-check?  Of course not – it can be a great tool especially if you are not sure of how a word is spelt and don’t have a dictionary on hand.  But don’t rely on in to be 100% accurate.

What you need is ………………………………………….

See tomorrow’s blog for the answer!!!!!

Happy proofreading