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Proofreading Blogs
Proofreading is an interesting industry and one that surprisingly few know a lot about. There are a myriad of potential errors in almost every document before it goes through the proofreaders spyglass. Read some of the stories here

The best time ever to use a Proofreader? When you are tired, have read your article umpteen number of times and just want to get it off your shoulders. Don’t just accept that what you have written is “a okay”.
When you have worked on that manuscript and know that it doesn’t sound right but you are not sure how to fix it? What a perfect time to use a Copyeditor.

It is amazing just how complex our brain is! Have you ever read something when you are tired, seeing a word as one thing, going back to it when you are not tired and realising you had it all wrong?????? This is what happens when you are tired and have saturated yourself with your work.

Hi ho, hi ho, its time to get a proofreader to read my work, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go for a cup of coffee, destress, and let your proofreader or copyeditor work on your masterpiece. Then shout them a coffee too !!!!!!!!!!!