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Proofreading Blogs
Proofreading is an interesting industry and one that surprisingly few know a lot about. There are a myriad of potential errors in almost every document before it goes through the proofreaders spyglass. Read some of the stories here

Yep its true! A person who writes any article that they are passionate about will become emotionally tied to the article and are then less likely to see mistakes.

A proofreader is detached from the work and is looking for errors (although if the manuscript is really good …………… well it can become difficult to concentrate ……………… so I concentrate on the job at hand the first time through and then read for enjoyment the second time. And I can still pick up changes in the second reading!!!!!!

Sally went in four a drink of water and came out with a icecream soda, as well at a magazine to reed.

Okay, did you spot the mistakes or did your eyes tell you what you believed would be there?

These are the mistakes that everyone – yes even proofreaders, can miss!!!

The Chambers Dictionary  outlines a PROOFREADER as:- one who reads printed proofs to discover and correct errors.

Hey I love that word DISCOVER – it gives a whole new meaning to my profession!!!!!

And it is fulfilling to know that I have discovered all the errors in a piece of work.  Maybe I should go looking for gold next????